Stronger Together

2019 / 2020 Officers

Co-President Scott Michael 590-7439 SH-307
Co-President Patrick Niner 590-7184 RH-108C
Vice President Senthil (BeeJay) Girimurugan 745-4322 SH-204
Treasurer Elizabeth Johnson 590-7595 LH-3331
Secretary Nora Demers 590-7211 WH-218
Grievance Chair Carolynne Gischel 590-7795 MH-288
Membership Chair Erik Insko 590-7297 MH-172
Bargaining Chair Scott Micheal 590-7439 SH-307
Political Action/Govt. Relations Chair Nora Demers 590-7211 WH-218
UFF State        
Senator Judy Wilkerson 590-7799 MH-266
Senator Anne Harner 590-1358 MAR-337
Senator Erik Insko 590-7297 MH-172
Senator Nora Demers 590-7211 WH-218
Senator Morgan T. Paine 590-7164 ARTS-152
Senator Senthil (BeeJay) Girimurugan 745-4322 AB7-204
Senator Jaffar Ali Shahul-Hameed 590-1470 SH-206
Alternate Anjana Bhatt 590-7634 LIB-225L
Alternate Molly Nation 590-7243 WH-210
Alternate Hames Horn (James W) 590-1256 WH-230B
Alternate Megan C. McShane 590-7427 ARTS
Alternate Jackie Salmond 590-7976 RH
FEA Delegation        
Delegate John Griffis WH-246 590-1396
Delegate Jaffar Ali Shahul-Hameed 590-1470 SH-206
Delegate Judy Wilkerson
590-7799 MH-266
Delegate Carolynne Gischel 590-7795 MH-288
Delegate Win Everham 590-7169 WH-220  

Officer Duties (from Bylaws)

The Executive Committee shall administer the policies of the United Faculty of Florida. The Executive Committee shall have the power to act for the good of the Chapter in emergency situations where policy cannot be set by the membership. The Executive Committee shall also have the power to employ persons on a full or part-time basis.

Elected Offices

The President shall preside at all Executive Committee and Chapter meetings. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, sign all necessary documents and papers, be responsible for forming all ad hoc committees or task forces, be authorized to file grievances for the entire chapter, and shall represent the Chapter when necessary. The President shall make reports at membership meetings.

The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in his or her absence.

The Secretary shall keep minutes of all Executive Committee and membership meetings and distribute or supervise the distribution of minutes and other Chapter communication to the membership. Additional duties may be prescribed by the Executive Committee.

As chief financial officer of the Chapter, the Treasurer shall exercise supervision over the receipt and disbursement of all moneys, properties, securities, and other evidences of financial worth of this organization and shall prepare financial statements. The Treasurer shall perform or supervise such duties under the direction of the Executive Committee.

The Senator serves as the Chapter's representative to and a member of the UFF Senate. The Senator is required to attend a majority of the UFF Senate meetings, usually three a year. The Senator shall make periodic reports to the Executive Committee.

The Membership Officer shall perform all duties agreed to by the Executive Committee to improve and sustain membership, and shall certify membership for elections. The Membership Officer shall make periodic reports to the Executive Committee concerning membership.

Appointed Offices

The Chair for Collective Bargaining will serve as the Chapter's representative on the UFF Bargaining Team. The Chair for Collective Bargaining will provide periodic reports to the Executive Committee regarding the status of bargaining efforts. The Co-chair for Collective Bargaining will be authorized to handle the duties of the Chair for Collective Bargaining.

The Chair for Grievances shall be responsible for all matters pertaining to grievances filed on behalf of FGCU/UFF chapter members. The Chair for Grievances shall provide periodic reports to the Executive Committee regarding the status of grievances filed by Chapter members.