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Membership Information

Happening Now! Three months for free when you join UFF-FGCU.

Benefits of Union Membership

  • Provide a stronger voice on your own behalf; we are stronger together than alone.
  • Access to and support throughout the grievance process.
  • Meet colleagues in other units, fellowship of other academics with your same issues. See upcoming meetings.
  • Liability coverage up to $1 million and access to attorney representation and advice
  • Discounted member benefits (many of which can repay your dues in the first year) that include access to:
    • Life and disability insurance
    • Auto insurance
    • Homeowners insurance
    • Investment accounts and credit cards
    • Mortgage and line of credit programs
    • Consumer discounts
  • How does collective bargaining affect faculty salaries?

    News from APA's Center for Workforce Studies

Membership Form (pdf): We have combined the FGCU payroll deduction form with the UFF-FGCU membership form in one file for your convenience.

We hope you don't, but if you are a current UFF member and would like to resign, here is the form (pdf).

Contact Rachel Cooke, Membership Chair with any questions you may have.

Membership & Recruitment Information

  • UFF works collaboratively with administration and other faculty governance structures like Senate to review new policies before implementation -- a strong participant faculty union strengthens the University and its position to recruit and retain qualified faculty

    • The Senate is a strong and important faculty governance group on our campus. However, it cannot negotiate on behalf of faculty, nor can it advocate for individual or group faculty rights as related to salary, benefits, and conditions of employment—as is our charge.  We work with the Senate, but have separate functions.

  • While there are many employees and constituents of a University, UFF is the legally defined group that faculty have entrusted with representing their interests in salary, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment, such as:

    • Salary, benefits, assignments, appointments, leaves, sabbaticals
    • Promotions, evaluations, discipline, contract renewal, layoff
    • Academic freedom, non-discrimination, outside activity

  • UFF negotiates the entire Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) at the local level every three years and negotiates selected topics every year.   UFF also:

    • Enforces that the CBA is interpreted and followed as intended
    • Represents members for and through the Informal Resolution and Grievance Process
    • Provides fair representation to protect you and your concerns.
    • Speaks up for your interests at the table, on committees, and to administration
    • Provides advice and counsel to Provost, President, BOT; we are a recognized voice, backed by law and contract

  • Many who are now administrators on our campus were (or still are) UFF members on this campus,  As a small but growing University everyone has a role to play in ensuring quality instruction and programs

  • UFF represents you at the state level and national level and works to protect higher education interests, quality, funding, faculty rights, local decision-making, and academic freedom (e.g., defeat of Baxley Bill about Academic Freedom; lawsuit about the travel ban) before the Florida Legislature, the Florida Cabinet, the US Congress and other agencies. UFF draws additional political strength locally, statewide and nationally through its affiliation with the AFL-CIO, National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers.

  • UFF is a professional guild like the AMA or Bar Association.  In addition to negotiating and enforcing the CBA, we advocate and disseminate materials concerning teaching and research as well as other issues concerning faculty careers.

  • Members are provided with services to guarantee legal representation in employment-related and private matters including an employment-liability insurance policy that protects members from personal financial liability up to $1 million per occurrence. 

  • We have periodic member meetings to report our activities and discuss pertinent issues, as well as socials to enhance fellowship. Join us for our next function!

Our ability to continue to do this is influenced by your membership, input, and collegial leadership. PLEASE JOIN and become an active member.

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