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HB 11 / SB 1292 Florida State Legislature

HB 11 was on the floor of the Florida House of Representatives, March 29th, for consideration on second reading and final debate and vote, March 30th. Passed.

HB 11 requires that each certified bargaining unit of a registered employee organization must provide the number of eligible employees for union membership and the number of dues paying members.

If the certified bargaining unit dues paying membership is less than 50%, that bargaining unit must petition PERC for recertification as the exclusive bargaining representative within one month after the date on which the bargaining unit applied for renewal. Application for PERC recertification requires either voluntary recognition of the union by the employer or petition to PERC for recertification upon submission of call for union representation election cards from at least 30% of the full bargaining unit. Then an election would be held through PERC for recertification of the bargaining unit.

If passed, faculty may lose the legally-binding protections of a collective bargaining agreement and the legal power to enforce provisions regarding hiring, firing, promotion, our 3-year rolling contracts, grievance procedure, academic freedom and more.

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{Download Infographic PDF}

HB11 infographic

{Download Infographic PDF}

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