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A message from a fellow faculty member:

Dear Colleagues,

As you know Rick Scott was re-elected as Florida Governor on Tuesday.  Governor Scott has a record of cutting education funding, educator salaries, and attacking and decertifying teachers unions across the state.  During his first term we were narrowly able to defend our right to have a union at FGCU by having over 50% union participation from the faculty.  Given his previous record, Governor Scott will most likely mount a serious assault on teachers and educators during the next four years as there will be no re-election repercussions for his actions.

If you want to protect your job, salary, and right to a political voice please seriously consider joining the union.  We need your voice to achieve 50% participation at the university level, which we currently do not have. In engineering we are currently at 57% participation.  The union at FGCU has worked tirelessly on your behalf in the past to obtain pay increases, equal partner benefits, and better working conditions that you have all benefited from.

I implore you to seriously consider the impending consequences of losing our union representation. Please contact me, Beth Elliott, or Sheila Bolduc-Simpson if you would like more information regarding membership!

Best Regards,
FGCU Faculty Member


Contact Info:

UFF – FGCU Chapter President
Elizabeth (Beth) M. Elliott, Ph.D.
Professor – College of Education
Merwin Hall Rm. 280 Phone 590-7749

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